Image Master Series
Image Master Series Laser Toner Cartridges are made to meet or exceed the name brand Original Equipment Manufactures products
at a much lower cost. Image Master Products are manufactured to the highest standard and always thoroughly tested before shipping. Image master series products have some very distinctive advantages over
the OEM products. Image Master compatibles help the environment.
A single Laser Cartridge takes approximately 450 years to break down in a landfill and there are approximately 360 million laser cartridges thrown away each year and the percentage keeps rising every year.
The average laser cartridge takes approximately 1 gallon of oil to produce. OEM products are simply bad for the environment. Image Master Series Cartridges are made with more toner allowing for less frequent changing therefore they are able to save your company money. In these tough times we know how important that can be to your company. This also allows for less storage space.