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  • "I wanted to write and tell a little bit about a phone call that I got from a sales rep @ Tower Imaging. About a few months ago I got a phone call from this guy and had no idea who he was. He told me he was with this company I had never heard of named Tower Imaging. He went on telling me about his company and before he could go on I stopped him and was very blunt with him and told him that I have never heard of Tower Imaging and I don’t like people cold calling me trying to sell us products. I told him that I wouldn't consider buying from him until I did a little investigating on his company. So, having the internet at my finger tips I did a search to find out anything positive or negative about Tower Imaging. I couldn't find a single negative thing. I called back and told him my findings and ever since then he has been my go to guy. If I need something, he can get it for me.”
    —Gerald Fitzpatrick, Suffolk, VA
  • "I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. We have recently switched to try a new vendor who is located closer to us thinking that the closer distance would work to our advantage, but I have realized that there is a the vast difference between our local supplier products and Tower Imaging products.

    The local vendor's cartridges were giving us only 10,000 copies for the HP 9000's as opposed to your 27,000 copy count. Their cartridges were smearing and smudging on the pages as well the cartridges having a problem with their chips therefore not recognizing the printer.

    We have always received the best quality and service from Tower Imaging and I just wanted to thank you."
    — Hazel Dean, Bardstown, KY
  • "Tower Imaging is my one stop shop for great service and quality computer, printer and office products needs. My rep is always accessible to field questions, get quotes, and resolve any issues that may arise. It is nice to have a company and a representative that is always following up with orders and making sure the customer is happy. Their prices are competitive and product selection is abundant. They are awesome!!"
    — Jess Conway, Englewood, CO
  • "It is a pleasure doing business with Tower Imaging (and you personally). We are treated fairly, and kept abreast of any price increases that may be on their way. The product ordered from Tower Imaging always arrives in a timely matter, and in good working order. I have highly recommended not only Tower Imaging products, but their service as well. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your Company."
    — Webster Daniels, Pottstown, PA
  • "I particularly like the personalized service, and quick resolution to any challenges." They have addressed every need and concern of ours since the inception of our business relationship. They have gone out of their way to please our needs and make sure we are always a satisfied customer.” I will never use any other company for our office supply needs.”
    — Mary Bragg
  • "This is just a quick note to thank you again for turning me on to your Jumbo life Cartridges. They last about 3 times the life of the standard cartridges we used to buy. Thanks again, I appreciate all your help!"
    — Jack Bradshaw
  • "What’s most impressing to me is that whenever I call, you always seem to know exactly what my needs are with part numbers and a pricing at your finger-tips! Everyone I have ever had to deal with has been supper friendly and most helpful. It’s like calling up one of your friends asking them for a favor. I hope to continue ordering your products for a very long time. Thank you so much for everything."
    — David Fisher, Cincinnati, OH
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